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Default Gill maggots/copods/parasites ??

OK guys,not sure if this is the right place for this but here goes.Any of you fellas know anything about the gill maggots or copods that get inside the stripers mouth and gills??The lake I fish,lake wateree SC.I have fished it for many years and never saw any,never really looked but you allways basically look in a fishs mouth to remove the hook.I have read about this parasite on other lakes but cant find any info now on them.I caught one wednesday and noticed them in its mouth,told some guys about it,Went friday and caught 6 ALL six had them.They are 3/16 inchish long.heres a couple pictures.You cant really see much by the pic,they are yellowish white in color.

Heres some I pulled out for a better view.
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