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Default Re: Need reel advice (punn intended)

I fish mostly inland lakes in Indiana and Tennessee. Unfortunately, most of the spinning reels that are sold for lake use do not hold up to wipers for long, and they don't have the line capacity you need if you troll. Then there's the constant line twist to deal with. I finally switched to baitcasters and did away with the twist problem. It also did away with the capacity problem, since my favorite reel, an Ambassador c5 series, will hold about 280 yards of line. I have several Ambassadors now and have not had one fail yet.

I used braided line one year, but it is pricey and tempermental. It is more sensative, I'll give it that, but in the end I went back to 8-10# mono and have found that the low memory qualities of Suffix work real well for wipers.

That's my take on it.

Good luck.
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