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I treat my gear like dirt , Im hard as hell on it . I cant see spending 200 + on something i am gonna lose . As of all of you know a couple of waves hit you and everything comes loose . My Pop lives outside Myrtle Beach and they have this great redneck flea market . This good O'l boy sells these German made Stainless Long Needle nose and Dyke cutters for a 1.50 each . I had the old man pick me up 12 of each should last until the fall .

Spend the cash on a custom rod . Stay away from the Chinese stuff , its all crap .
Oh yeah , stay away from the WD40 , it leaves a thick coat like a varnish when it drys . I use Spray White Lithium grease , like 2 bucks at a auto parts store .It makes the pliers nice and smooth . I rinse my reel after every outing , just rinse the pliers and spray . They should last until you lose them ...

Oh one last thing , these ar 6 bucks and kick butt !

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