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Default Re: Waterproof Pliers

If you can find one, the old, long discontinued Sargents are the best pliers ever made. I still have a pair that belonged to my grandfather (who passed in 1979). Meltons came up with some and had em in their catalog not too long ago.

For sentimental reasons I've retired my Sargents, now I have a pair of Shimano Bluewater pliers that I've absolutely abused for the past 4 years. I finally oiled them for the first time a few weeks ago after they developed a little bit of corrosion on the hinge.
They live in their holster on my surf belt and are always wet with saltwater. The only time they get rinsed is when I'm fishing in the rain.
$35 +/-

Most important thing to consider when buying pliers is can they or can't they cut a hook. When you or a friend have a bluefish thrashing on the back set of trebles and the front hook is in your hand to the bone those pansy $300 titanium pliers that are so good at cutting braid are absolutely worthless and your $35 Shimano's are worth their weight in solid gold.

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