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Default new to salt!!!

hey guys,
looks like i found a good place to learn about stripers - when i was in high school i was obsessed with FW fishing - every now and again I'd rig up a SW rod with some pogie or mackerel or whatever and sit, and sit and sit some more - never caught a thing - but i was huge into FW using plugs etc - gotta love those largemouth and smallies too! anyhow being that I live on the south shore of Boston there's plenty of nice ocean fishing - i'm going hardcore this year and using plugs now - i got a pal who seems to know his stuff and suggested a penn slammer 460 which i bought and i bought a 9 ft rod off of him which is a medium weight real nice it casts beautiful - i'm reading all the threads to take it all in - seems to be a lot more to SW than FW fishing! the bottom line is i've never had much success SW, i hope to turn it around this year and i'm excited i also got a nice pair of waders recently - anyhow i could care less about catching cows right now - i'll start with the schoolies! I caught my first one the other night about 7 0'clock on a bomber - i estimate it was about a 7lb fish - but hey bigger than most fish i'll get in FW - any tips for a newbie? So far i've got - fish the outgoing 2 hours before or after, white water is where the bass hang out eating the prey getting tossed in the waves, bass are more active in the dusk to night time - especially in the summer -am i on track so far? also since i'm cool with catching schoolies should i be throwing smaller plugs? some of the plugs seem so freaking big - i know a bass will swallow what ever it can but these things seem pretty large for schoolies - i can't imagine hooking onto a lunker! ha! - are the bass hitting top water plugs right now? i've ogt mostly bombers to fish with i like em' - what are your thoughts on sluggos or say 7 to 10 inch plastic worms - (i know they're great in FW) ? i'd love to hear any advice you got - thanks

also what are your thoughts about tying plugs direct instead of a swivel 0- i've heard swivels take action off of plugs -
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