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Default This one's for you Gunny & BryanL......

I managed to get out of work early on Friday, stopped by Saco Bay Bait and Tackle to grab some eels and wait out the tropical storm before heading to Biddeford Pool. In the back of my mind the 'seek n' destroy' approach that Gunny spoke to me of at the gathering resonated and I felt like this was the night (unfortunately I did more destroying than I did seeking)!! The storm cleared up sometime after 8 p.m. and I headed down to the spot(s) recommended to me by Mr. BryanL (thanks again bro ) with pole in one hand, eels in the other and my trusty backpack just in case. The night was picturesque to say the least,"I can just feel it" kind of nights, very dark & foggy but not to the point where my flashlight didn't get the job done. I made way outwards, following the sound of crashing waves and hopping from rock to rock like a gull in search of it's first meal. The storm that just an hour ago wreaked havoc in/around my neighborhood was headed out to sea and the dark clouds and flashes of lightning were off in the distance as far as the eye could see. I finally reached a point I liked, went to set down my eels and WHAM.........slipped on sea sludge, down goes Frazier, flashlight went one way, pole went the other and unfortunately my eel bucket went yet another. Long story short, ALL my eels got out (I bought 12, only brought 6 though luckily) and headed for any dark crevace they could find. I managed to get ONE stinkin eel back, I was completely soaked from my knees down and took a few casts 'cause i didnt come all this way to turn around and go home. BAD IDEA!!!!! This only lead to a LOT more slipping and falling, sliding down rocks and at one point, I was actually suspended in air, head on one rock, legs on the other, my backpack dangling in a pool below me as I looked up to the sky and said "Just let me get the @%#^ outta here!!!!" Slowly and steadily I did make my way back to my car, sans eels but still not content on calling it a night. Scoped out a few more spots down there that looked decent but with wet pant legs andsleeves it was only a matter of time before the evening chill got the better of me. And so Gunny, I say to you sir, YOU WERE CORRECT....CORKERS ARE IN FACT A MUST!!!!! Ahh well, another time maybe, but I'll NEVER go down there agin without the proper gear.
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