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Default Re: I,m Impressed

In January of 07. Penn was sold to Seastriker of Morehead City NC. and Master fishing tackle of California.
The new owners (Jerry Rodstein Master fishing tackle) and (Al Brister, Dick and Phylis Henry - Seastriker)
purchased all the shares of Penn from the Henz family who owned and operated Penn for 70 years.
Shakespeare then bought them out 2 weeks later .
Shakespeare now owns Penn and both are owned by the parent company
Its hard to keep track of who owns who.
k2 merged with Jarden in April. 07
Jarden also bought out Pure Fishing of Iowa before the merge.
Although they left Pure Fishing of Iowa to continue on its own devices with the Berkely / Abu Garcia line. Jarden also own Coleman and Phlueger among others and are based in South Carolina.

Quantum is owned by W.C. Bradley Company of Columbus, Georgia. Who own Charbroil, Lamplight, Zebco, Rhino, Lews and Van Staal.
Being based in the states doesnt mean they dont farm the work out to China but it appears that they are being manufactured in Tulsa Oklahoma at the Zebco plant. 6101 E. Apache, Tulsa, OK 74115. They just might be a parts and repair distribution warehouse although im not certain.

I think the info is current as of Dec 07
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