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Hey GunnySniper.
You know who White Feather is, Carlos Hathcock.
*For the rest of you guys, read "One Shot, One Kill" He is the most famed Marine Sniper in the Corp. While he has been gone for a couple years now, I bass fish with his son Carlos here in VA. He just retired as a Gunny here on Quantico.

Gave up the duck hunting in SC when they switched over to steel shot and it was costing more to go than it was fun. Dogs gone. Decoys are gone. Still have the calls, don't know why?

As far as the W-B tax goes, you have to really look at how the funds are managed by your state. Shouldn't be, but each place is diff on how they distribute the monies. Ran into this in Colorado. Some of the funds were being used for asphalt bike paths! That's right, the bunny loving tree hugging left wing liberal Bolder, CO yuppies figured out how to swing the deals and they were pulling our hunting/fishing tax money.
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