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Let's take a look at the situation in Florida and how they fought through all the political battles to get their Salt water programs to the current levels.
The state of New York loves the Florida Salt water license program! Why?
Florida uses license money Quadrupled by W/B funds to buy old subway cars. They then clean these relics and sink them in the ocean and gulf to form artificial reefs. Nature then takes over very quickly. Corral begins to reclaim, bait fish take refuge, game fish start to lurk and hunt in areas that became desolite. More people now fish Florida waters than ever before , because they know they will be successful. Some of the most outspoken opponites of the License issue now admit, it is a success, and because the monies are tracked and accounted, not a waste.
I've seen pictures and video of gang tagged cars sunken into the bays, and then one year later, virtually unrecognizable.
Rhode Island is in the process of tearing down the old Jamestown Bridge.
Many of us here in the state wanted to see the bridge made into a reef just outside the bay. The state is using money gained by selling the bridge to FLORIDA to offset the demo! One state gains while we lose a great opportunity.
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