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Jim, I knew you'd somehow be the one to get my fingers going again!
The W-B funding is assesed at the manufacturers level for the majority of it's funding, buy a hook and you have contributed. It's the manner at which it is dispersed that the important considerations come into play.
when John Smith goes to the Bait/tackle shop and buys his license, for conversation sake it cost's him $10.00. Every dollar he plunks down, the state recieves $3.00. So in effect that license is worth $40.00. Now comes the really great part of the whole deal, The money is "restricted reciept accountable" by federal law. The state can ONLY spend that money gained on fishing related expenses, not on law enforcement, welfare programs, retirement accounts, no no no, only on related licensing revenues, hunting license, duck stamps all get restricted reciept monies.
If a state violates the terms of the funding, they must pay back ALL funding recieved PLUS outrageouse interest!
Here in little Rhodie a state rep tried to divert restricted reciepts and almost cost the state 3 billion yup BILLION dollars.
Many areas of the state provide hunting lands through the purchase of these managment areas with W/B cash. Without these areas most hunters here would have no where to go. These lands also hold river/stream and lakes for fishing,and camping as well.
Now back to the starting question, If you buy a federal duck stamp for $15.00, a state duck stamp for $5.00, and a fresh water fishing license for $15.00 how much is that worth to a striper fisherman that would like to see more herring? answer $140.00 Times that by the number of Stripers only fishermen in your state. For Rhodie the estimate I heard from a top source is 1.7 million per year! Do you know how many fish ladders this person could put in with half that money? This estimate is based on the number of guy's/Gals that do NOT buy fishing licenses because they don't know what it is worth, and do not fish fresh water so they don't NEED to purchase them.
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