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Default Mollys Fish Wins the Derby

Mollys Fish Wins the Derby

The granddaughter of Milford's Park Commissioner Reno Baci has beat out more than 1,000 people to win the 60th annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby.
"I thought it was an alligator," Molly Fischer said last night.
"I was scared of it when we brought it in the boat," she added. "But it only took me 20 minutes to bring it in."
Fischer, a 12-year-old West Tisbury School seventh-grade student, was declared the winner of the fishing competition this past weekend after reeling in a 49.2 pound striped bass in stormy waters off Squibnocket. -- and her grandfather couldn't be prouder.
When asked how proud he was, Baci's broad smile said it all.
"She said they made her a celebrity," he said, laughing. His granddaughter has already been interviewed for such notable publications as Field and Stream and Sports Illustrated.
Fischer said all her newfound celebrity was "amazing."
Although Baci and his wife, Alma, residents of Harding Road, were unable to be on the island when their granddaughter won the coveted prize they were in constant contact with her.
Molly, who is 5-foot-6, dragged the 49.2 pound, 5-foot-1-inch long striped bass into the the weigh-in station in Edgartown on Oct. 9 -- which just happened to be her grandmother Alma's birthday. The fish immediately was placed at the top of the leader board. Her catch stayed at the top of the board all week until the official end of the derby on Sunday.
She fought 8-to-10-foot sea swells and 30-mph winds while bringing in her catch.
She fought the fish alone on the boat's stern in the pouring rain as her dad, Albert Fisher, and other members of the crew were under cover yelling, "Don't give him any slack Molly!" A cloudburst let loose as she reeled in the fish, said Baci.
Molly won the derby in four categories including the junior division, the biggest fish reeled in from a boat, the biggest overall fish, and the biggest fish for a female. For her efforts she has won a number of prizes including fishing equipment The local fishermen are so excited," said Molly's mom, Linda Fischer.
"This is the true essence of the derby, the true essence of life on the island. It's as honest and pure as you can get."
Baci said he and his wife are planning to go to the Vineyard next week to visit Molly, her sister Lydia and their parents Linda (Baci) and Albert.
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