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Default Big News from Abu Garcia !!!

The following are some excerpts from a series of recent e-mails between Bob Hulme of Abu Garcia and myself:

The big one came yesterday:

Hi Jerry,

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you on this. It's National Sales Meeting week and this place is a total nut house!!
I've answered your questions below. Our sales force will be told about this stuff tomorrow morning. ;^) (please keep it hush until then)

Best Regards,



Hulme, Bob wrote (April 28):

Hi Jerry,

I saw your post:

("The standard drag has always been the achillies heel of the Abu reels. We've been beotching for years for them to do something about them but we're still waiting.")

and just wanted to let you know we have listened. Stay tuned for further info. ;^)

Best Regards!

From Bob Hulme (June 7):
Available in September, Carbon Matrix Drag System = Smoother, more durable and 35% stronger.


From Sudsy (on June 2):
Bob, I took your reply to one of my earlier messages at face value:

(from Bob Hulme) - "Another rumor ;^) is that Abu will be re-introducing many of the International reels that were discontinued, such as,
The black Big Game 6500CL and CT's
The green 6500CS and CT Mag's
The 6500CS Chrome Rocket and possibly a CT Chrome Rocket"

(From Jerry) - Now that I'm looking at the message again the smilie face is making me wonder if what you meant was that you ARE going to reintroduce these reels.


From Bob Hulme (June 7):
Yes, these reels will be available once again.
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