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Default Is Power Pro IGFA Rated?

The answer comes from the web site
Is PowerPro IGFA Rated?

Special thanks to Doug Blodgett of the IGFA for his help in the preparation of this answer.

The main question I get from anglers regarding Power Pro line is: Is PowerPro line IGFA legal? The answer is yes, of course. Only wire lines are prohibited. The problem with Power Pro, if anything, is that it tends to overtest into the next category. This is a moot point, though, because the only applications that come in listing Power Pro as the line used are All-Tackle records and Junior records. Line tests are not required for these particular categories. Generally, braided lines and the like overtest into the next category. If a line class record application came in where the angler used Power Pro, I would need to test it just as I would any other line class record.

Doug Blodgett
International Game Fish Association
World Records Administrator

PS by PowerPro:

No Lines are IGFA rated. Line manufacturers sometimes label lines as ?IGFA class? which means that the line will break close to but not exceeding the IGFA class. For example, a single Mfg. Might make two separate 20 lb monofilament lines, their normal line which will overtest, and their 10 kg. IGFA Class (20 lb) line which is thinner and not as strong. 10 kg = 22.02 Lbs, and for a line to qualify for the 10 kg. class it must test no more than 22.02.
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