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Default Re: Building jointed lures

Originally Posted by rclark12 View Post
i like the eye screw and steel shaft style used in many baits like those on i think ill try epoxying first and try another one put together and do every thing and see which has greatest success.

as far as saws,
how much of a difference is these in a band saw and scroll saw... can't they each do the others job well,
id like to use it for shaping plugs

people use screw eyes because they are convenient ...they work fine in all but real soft wood... if you use them in soft wood a little epoxy on the threads will keep them from twisting free...

Band and scroll saws both wok fine, but if you need to make tight turns, you need to put a 3/16 or 1/4" blade on the band saw... the thinner blades are no good for ripping or resawing, I hate changing blades from one size to the next, too much time adjusting, so personally, I have both...
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