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Default Re: Building jointed lures

Originally Posted by rclark12 View Post
When building jointed lures is actually jointing them like the last step?

Should i paint and then connect?

And when making jointed were you use eye screws and steel shaft is it the same process?
First, what do you mean by jointing them.... when you build a jointed plug, it must be planned from the very beginning, the weighting is totally different, making the plug a jointed one, is not an after thought.... if it is a large plug ( like a giant pike) turn it in two pieces.... if it is a smaller plug, turn in one piece and cut it, but prior to cutting, all hook and weight holes should be marked...

also before turning, you mast decide weather you are going to through wire , pin or use screw eyes to make your plug,My small joint eds ( under 4") are assembled with screw eyes, special custom builds are pinned, the rest ( and most) are through wired, each method requires it's own steps... personally, I prime, paint and epoxy each plug prior to Assembly ( except needle fish and bottle plugs) I do not assemble my plugs until after they have been epoxied, this includes jointeds... other builders assemble first then epoxy, I dont, I believe that assembling the plug after epoxy make a more durable and neater plug.. just my opinion,for most it is much easier to epoxy the plug as a unit...
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