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Default Re: Corson's and Townsend's on the Fly

Although I don't know your area very well, Stripers are still bass (perch family). So yeah different than trout or Char, but the transition should be pretty easy for you.

Keep an eye out for structure. Many stripers will ride just downstream or behind a structure (rock, piling or the like) where they won't use up too much energy and wait for a nibblet of bait fish to flow by so they can ambush it.

I didn't think you would see any stripers in NJ until mid April, so you are probably going to be looking at Schoolies (18-20 inch or less) so a lighter rod will probably do you fine. Fly rod 6 or 7 weight would be fun!

If you take a spinning reel try floating a live sandworm through the currents, and around structure. If you throw sandworms though, you might need to float them a little to keep it just up off the bottom.

Good luck out there.
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