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Today was another good day despite the wind..we fished Norrie Point and ended up with 68 for the day. The early am was nice and calm and the bite was on but then the wind picked up and created some issues with proper bait presentation. Afterna few hours the wind actually helped.....if counteracted the flood tide causing slack tide conditions where we slowly drifted across the channel....well....our stationary baits must have been quite appealing because the bite was on fire...we had doubles, triples and quads....what a chinese fire drill. The wind died out fornthe ebb tide and the bite continued until dark.....we had to quite to bring some buddies in. Toward the evening there were black screens all over and they were biting. It seemed like they wee staging to spawn and looking for the females hanging out in the mud. We will be back out at 5 am to take advantage of this bite. There were schools throughout the column traveling the edge of the channel....we could see them come up frequently to feed. We did find the big cous laying in shallow water but they had the prespawn lockjaw. Water temps were steady at 58.5 all day then hit 60 on the ebb tide.
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