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Default Re: Wind and White Water

Wind Rich I think you covered the whole thing in two lines

“It was the best of times and it was the worst of times” – Tale of Two Cities.

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” – Popular Idiom "

On a Boat its the same thing wind with tide usually much better than Wind Against tide. However I found that wind against tide can be your friend in certian situations.

Let me start with recent experiances. I am a Boat Guy so wind against tide is the worst case when I get to my inlet. Nothing like a Ripping out going tide and South winds usually ends up spinning your boat around in circles and baits/Lures going under the boat, it just usually sucks.

However this Oct 2011 the South Shore of Long Island had some pretty serious stroms 1 after another seemed every weekend the ocean was kicking with small craft advisories and never really got the chance to calm down. It was so bad that last week we lost 4 boats in less than 1 week. 3 were on the news the 1st one went un reported but I witnessed it...
So this fall I found myself either fishing in DANGEROUS conditions or trying the back bays where I was mostly alone and in really calm waters. Believe me I tried both locations numerous times but had much more sucess in one certain condition. WIND againt TIDE ??? My biggest Fall Fish came from the back bays under these conditions. The 1 time I will tell you about was Oct 29 a HUGE Noreaster was apon us. We had a Ripping outgoing tide and a SW wind that started at 20 and went to gusts over 40 mph.
The only crazy guy I could get to go with me was Neil a regular surf caster having a dismal fall so he regularly jumped abord my boat. So there we were wind against tide drifting eels in the east cut standing basically still kind of sliding North and South along a rip line almost like we were anchored up. After about 2 hours of nothing ness just as we were going to move my line starts Peeling off my reel and Bam a Big 28lbs Striper we landed. Talk about wind against tide fight trying to land a big fish my little Shimano Cal-Cutta 400 got a work out but performed flawless. Neil landed another keeper on the next drift and the wind driven rain got to be to much for us so we headed in just iun time to beat the worst of the storm

We also landed a 26,22lbs and several keepers on different days all in the same spot under these adverse conditions. Also we landed many fish in the white water too...

sometimes tring something new works out

Capt.Paul aka Pablo

Hey Rich I don't know if this is cool I'm a Boat guy in a surf thread I don't want to start any trouble. You know how the other place gets
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