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Default Bugs and Bass 2011 is coming to an end.

Bugs and Bass 2011 is coming to and end and the yellow dog is glad to see it go.

When the rain quit this morning the USS Coalman with a crew of one left the dock with a plan. The bait is gone. Parh'tridge season starts next week and I need to concentrate on Bay. The traps are heading to the barn.

The last couple checks of the line we've dialed in on the lobster. I put all my eggs in one basket last week. All the gear was moved shallow and in the mud. The creeping fog only allowed me to put eight traps on the boat. Those traps held better than two pounds a parlor. Six more traps are still fishing. Weather permuting they will be on the dock tomorrow. I'm hoping for a single high one check of the line tomorrow.The record is twenty seven keepers in fourteen traps two weeks ago. I need a bigger cooler.

The bounty didn't end there. Low tide found best friends sorting oysters.

And then low tide on the clam flats.

Waiting for the tide to return.

V for victory.

Great Bay bounties.

Your eye in the Northeast sky.
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