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Default Clammin', Oysterin' and Lobsterin'

The state gave the OK to harvest shellfish from the waters of the Bay's last weekend. I have been waiting for this all summer.

Met Joe at the honey hole about 10AM where he already had a pile of oysters on the culling board. We sorted until the tide said it was time to clam. It didn't take long and we had our peck of clams each.

The lobsters were biting too. I knew as the cooler filled up it was time to make my annual landowner appreciation cruise. It is amazing what doors you can open to a meal of shellfish and lobsters.

Today the lobster traps saw the last of my bait. The traps will be going dry dock next weekend.

Sampson's Bay is calling Coalman and the yellow dog to the October first opening of grouse season.

And Bay wants no distractions.
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