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Default Calm before the storm.

The USS Coalman left the dock with Captain Dave bright and early Saturday morning. I bet there wasn't a ripple in the water from the trestle to Adam's Point. Lots of drops busting the surface just outside the trestle. Looked like very small stripers chasing them.

And not a soul fishing the railroad bridge.

No fish bait was put in the traps today because all my gear was hauled to shallow water close to shore. The plan was to group the steel on the northwest side of natural barriers be it shoreline or islands. The predicted blow from Irene is said to be coming from the nor'east. I am not to worried. The Bay may have ocean water but lacks swells and wave action. The rollers will be coming from the Newington and Greenland side of the Bay. I suspect the shoreline of Stratham, Newmarket and Durham will see the brunt of the storm.

I have no complaints about the bugging this summer in my Great Bay Family Grounds. While only a small percentage of my total gear in the barn slept with the fishes the combined haul has been better than a pound per trap all season. Another reason this trapline has been a success to date is I never had to buy bait. Thanks goes to fishstarcraft, Marcus270 and Cwclasvi for keeping my freezer stocked.

If anyone has old or freezer burnt meat or frozen fish bait in their freezers they would like to get rid of please send me a PM. I'll take hamburg if it comes with steaks. The burger bleeds through the bait bags as it thaws. I've never had much success using it.

I half heartily drowned an eel after the line was complete. There was no striped interest in my offering.

My vessel now calls our driveway her berth. I didn't want to chance leaving the boat on the slip. I powered up the Squamscott River into downtown Exeter about 1 PM to catch the high tide. With my son piloting the Ford and myself on the winch it took one try and the boat rose out of the water firmly centered on the trailer. That doesn't happen often.

Because of the expected rain totals from Irene, that dilute the salinity of Great Bay, I brought today's bugs home. While my wife might not agree I like the smell of boiling lobsters. I get another nasal fix of that low tide essence from the safety of our kitchen.

Did someone say soft shell clamming season is only a few short weeks away? If not you heard it here first.

Stay tuned...........................
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