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Default Another worm hatch

Joe was on the Bay first thing this morning. He said there was a worm hatch from the Squamscott River to Great Bay Marina. Again the bass were skimming the surface with their mouths open. He said there was acres of schoolies in the riiver He went and got mackerel off shore.I met him at Fox Point I fished a couple of mackerel he gave me after I finished the lobster line. Only one bite on a trolled mackerel at ............ Joe lost a big one at the ................

The mackerel lived just fine in the inland sea.

Lots of short lobsters today. Next shed their dead. When I put the keepah lobsters in the car at the dock the water was swarming with drops. Might be alewives? Whatever they were there was a lot of them. They were not silversides. They were too small and didnít flash.

Our Great Bay bass are well fed and under fished.

Did I say that.
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