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Hi Chuck,
Here's what I do. Take it for what it's worth,,, all I can say is that I've landed a lot of large fish in very rocky areas with this set-up and have yet to lose a fish due to a break-off on the rocks. I think once you start using it, you'll really appreciate the sensitivity and hooksetting power of 'braid'.

My plugging outfits are spooled with 30lb test Fireline, ending with what starts out as a 10'-15' length of 50lb test Ande flouro leader material, on my 11' rods. The leader is connected to the main line with an Alberto knot. I strip off about 10 feet of braid and tie on a fresh leader after each trip for a couple reasons. 1, I tie direct to the plug and the leader will eventually become too short from retying when changing plugs or cutting off sections due to abrasions. 2, I want to take no chances that a weakened leader will cost me a fish, so even if the leader is still long enough and looks OK, I still change it after each trip.

Like I said, that's just what I do, everyone has their own methods and preferences, but this has worked for me without flaw through many large fish in the rocks.
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