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Originally Posted by petejunipero View Post
There's a lot more to fishing than "the spot". So many factors effect when and where to fish that you can tell someone exact coordinates where you were hammering fish and they'll catch nothing. A lot can be learned from interpretting the info you get and knowing who to listen to. Plus does anyone really tell everyone exactly where they caught a huge fish.
No and you have much to learn as there are spots that you can pretty much hammer fish every time so to that point yes you could easily give up a spot that coughs up fish consistently. The learning is not going to come from the interpretation of "fish stories" given by other guys. Learning is fishing your ass off and being one of the guys that doesn't need anyone's tips because of the experience you gained actually fishing....I know it seems unreal you can actually get better at striper fishing by doing it????!!! Yes I will share specific detailed information on where I have caught fish with a select few.
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