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Default Re: Public Forum Spot Giving Poll

I can definately appreciate the mod's point of view. Even if the spot is in his back yard.
That's why, "Don't much give a crap one way or the other."

Generally, for a site to work, one needs to make the majority happy.

I do think the Spot-burn is over sensative more often than not. But, that's why I'll do the PM. Just trying not to upset too many folks all at once.

Personally, if I choose to share, I will (PM). However, I may say at pole # *^, but may leave out some rather pertinant point(s) for them to figure out on their own. Generally, I assume 12:00 AM is much better than 12:00 PM with a mile high sky and blazing sun vs. 1/2 moon is understood. But you never know.

I will admit though,, there are issues that fry my buns more than spot-burns. Some of my more recent voicing of views reflect that. On those I'll comment on until I'm carried away in a brown bag.
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