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Default Re: Public Forum Spot Giving Poll

Interesting question and a tough call.
Around here, all the breachways get hit hard. I have no problem sending a googan or someone coming off as looking for a free spot-on to them spots.
My theory is, anyone in their right mind doesn't (can't) want to seriously fish in them conditions. Let's put all the yahoos in one spot and leave the rest of the areas open. Plus, they are already toasted areas from reports, bait shops, etc. Not like they're any secret.

Some I may send to a general area (ie; Watch Hill, Narrow River, Upper bay) but never mention 200 yds. to the right of..., or on the south side of the river from ? to a point just past ?

(Very) Occasionally, I'll PM some decent, more spot-on info. That's only if I get a really good "read" on the guy first. Someone coming on and saying, "Hey mutha! where can I catch me a bass and pork the old lady at the same time? And do they patrol for booze and drugs there?"
While that's still a good "read", not what gets my PM.
That's the sort I'd sent to the breachways and say, "Party - on Dude!"
See what I mean about putting them all in one spot?

Some think it's fine to mention "Caught @ Middle Bridge", other's think saying, "Caught in the Atlantic" is spot burning.

I've no problem trying to be somewhat helpful (without actually putting the fish on the hook for them), but I use my discreation the way I choose. If a site administrator chooses to censor, that's their call. After all it is their house, and they need rules (for whatever reason, and there's many).

Long and short?
Don't much give a crap one way or the other.
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