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Default Re: Public Forum Spot Giving Poll

General information, 5 mile increments is cool.
Information that helps you track the movement of the various bodies of fish is extremely helpful.
Then you go where you think the fish will be and find yourself a spot.

Asking for exact spots is the sign of a bad or lazy fisherman who doesn't want to pays his dues, wants it all handed to em. I consider it poor etiquette and rude. I've no respect for those people

As for the Lookeemee guys who feel the need to post or run to the tackle shop and rave about how great they are telling the world about their 5lb fish including exactly where they caught it - do us all a favor and grow the hell up.

One of my regular spots was recently burned by a "Lookeemeeee" guy and now there are 20 guys camped there making it completely unfishable. Obviously I'm in a particularly rotten frame of mind when it comes to this topic
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