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Wow, that thing looks interesting. Lets see, it's somewhat shallow up in the rocks there, and I never run things that track under 3', cuz you'll just lose it lol. Its safe to say this is not a jigging spot. Rocks, stumps, logs, whole trees undah theya. Lots of obstacles. So I have had the most luck with things run from the surface (poppers) to about 2' MAX. Anything in between seems to work very very well. Hmmmm, action.....I want to say slow, wide action, only because the time in the strike zone is short, but I am trying to match the Alewives, which the fish are wholey concentrated on, so its tough to say definitively and choose one action. Roll N flash sounds very interesting though. Length...6" would be max I think. I'd say 5" would be a good start. Weight...hmmm, 1.5 - 2 oz.? Hook size....whatever you think is best on that size plug for fish in the 15-30 pound class lol.

BTW, is that a Crack I see up there on the ceiling?

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