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Originally Posted by Roccus
good lookin stuff there suds.. a little to neat dont yas think

BTW do you buy your rod blanks local or order them?

Yeah right ! I've been fishing all fall neglecting everything else and my cave looks it. The picture you commented on is the ceiling and that's packed with stuff.
Here's the view of my tying bench a few feet lower. This should make you feel better (and don't ask about my garage/woodshop)

As for blanks I've never bought one from a retail establishment. I've bought/traded for a few from friends, was sent one from the distributor to demo, and I find and rebuild classics (Harnell, Yellow Fenwick....)
At a fishing flea market 3 weeks ago I just scored origional Gary Loomis made (before Rogue screwed Loomis and he split, taking his mandrels with him (1 of each) 8' and 9' Rogue surf blanks right from the hands of Lou Tipple
And I'm far from a pro at this. I can get the job done but don't ever expect to see any of my sticks with fancy butt wraps and such.
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