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Nice. That ones in the middle, bottom, looks interesting.

How bout an Alewife/Herring surface swimmer, that can be thrown to rocks that are lined across the suds at the bottom of a dam/fish ladder? Something delicious looking for Bassy's that are stationed up behind these rocks on the outgoing? A "short-range" offering, only needing to go 50 yards max, for target fishing, and only stays in the strike zone for short periods of time? I been lookin for tha "perfect" Spring time plug. Husky made a few prototypes for me to test last Spring. But without enough weight in the ass-end, I was unable to get them up into the rocks/suds. The swimming action of them was great however, but I knew if I added any weight for better casting, it would affect its motion in the water. Something durable is definitely key, as I bounce plugs right off the rocks so they bounce into the nooks, hitting the fish right in tha nose. This will often be when the strikes happen most often, as soon the offering hits the water up against the rocks, or with a few cranks of the handle. Like I said, very short strike zone, but the fish are concentrated :)

There are all sizes of fish that corral in this spot for the Spring run, with a good number of quality fish ranging from 15-30 pounds, and then ofcourse there schoolies that play on the sandbar formed by the wash of the water coming outta the dam/fish ladder, and then the big 30+ pounder coming in here and there to gulp up those Alewives.

I've blown a few plastic plugs in half up there lol, including one of Stevie Beanbottoms Bluefish Bombs. Exploded HAHA. So wood be what I'm wantin'

Any ideas? I would be willing to barter for something to test this Spring

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