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Hey Rock, I was down the Cape over the weekend and there are PLENTY of fish around. Went out of Barnstable Harbor and cruised the flats, slaughtered 'em all day long. Schools of fish ranging anywhere 10-20 to hundreds upon hundreds of various sizes (we saw fish well over 40" from time to time as well) My uncle was using his fly rod and had great success with a white/olive fly while I was tossing plugs and jigs. Rather picky for the cause on my end, took 1 on a white/red laughing bucktail and a few more on a blue and white pencil popper, also lost a few, ton of chases right up to the boat......also tried a 9" black/gray sluggo on a yellow jig head, green and black speckled spinning minnow and a deadly dick, all to no avail. About 15 fish in all, mostly mid 20's, biggest was about 30" rod definitely outfished the spinning gear!!! Good luck man, hope ya get into 'em.......

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