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Default Re: Boat and Yacht Rescues and Survival Stories

In the boredom of winter I created a couple sites with links to information I enjoy. I decided to share information since I had gathered it anyway and made these sites. I'm a fisherman and I enjoy reading stories about rescues and survival. In the future I plan on adding a couple other items like what should be included in a ditch bag.

I created the username so it was obvious I wasn't trying to do anything odd. I'm just passing along a site that many people in the boating world would find interesting. Sure, I'll make 4 cents per day on the Google Adsense program. I'm not sure you can count that as income. There isn't anything for sale there so I'm not sure how you could see me making a profit there.

Check the code on the site, all basic HTML.

Enjoy the site if you choose to, if not that's fine too.
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