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Default Re: Night fishing for river/dam Stripers?!?

Night fishing for stripers is a blast in the tailrace. The current makes 10 lb. fish feel like 20 lbers. Spring and fall runs are great but the window to get them is to short here in NC (two weeks at best). I anchor in the strong current behind some rocks and freeline live shad to them, leaving the bail open and letting out line until they hit it, then close it and set the hook. These fish are caught in 5-6 feet of water. I do this all night or until they shut the wheels off at the dam. If things are slow I leave one rod out with the drag loose and continue with the above method. When it turns on, you can only work one rod. In the strong current you can use side planers to reach other spots w/o pulling anchor and moving. Side planers work good from shore if you don't have a boat, but frisky shad are the key here, from shore or a boat. I go through a pile of em with this method. Here shad can be caught easily with a cast net, and they are plentiful. I usually put five dozen in my tank and use most of them on each trip. Give it a try. Jim
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