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Default bank fishing access on N.C. lakes/reservoirs

There seems to be a growing trend in the management of N.C. lakes and waterways to deny bank fisherman access to fishable waters. I have watched as the area lakes, such as the Falls lake areas that were open to bank fisherman, subtly be closed off to access by banning any parking areas, or "rebuilding" these areas as to to make access impossible.
Case in point. Yesterday, I stopped by a reservoir that I used to fish several years ago, to see the "improvements" that were done after the dam was raised several feet. This small lake is located close to Wilson, N.C. and has been taken over by the city of Wilson as a water source.
It's named Buckhorn reservoir, and was a great place to go fishing, either by boat, or from the bank. The dam was a really nice place to go, well kept, and provided easy acess for a lot of people who may not have been able to afford a boat, and the expenses involved with ownership of a boat. It also provided easy access for people with disabilities to fish.
Now, access from the bank is limited at best, with unfishable stretches (water to shallow). Yet it has a really nice boat ramp area that the city CHARGES to use.
I'd like to know if anybody else in N.C. has noticed this trend on thier area lakes, and thier feelings on this. I'd be interested also in any suggestions to change this current trend. Seems to me this is a really sad commentary on our state wildlife and government agencies, that we'd deny access to something as great as our lakes. Thanks!
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