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Default G Loomis IMX warranty question

I broke my rod about 4 inches or so from the tip of my brand new G-Loomis IMX 1325 this morning at the Cape Cod Canal. The top of the rod between the tip and the next guide broke clean thru. My mistake. I fell forward and the tip hit the ground.

There is 2 1/4 inches left from the broken tip to the next guide. I think the factory lenght is 6 or 6 1/2 inches. Can anyone verify that for me? It is a rather clean break.

I was told when I bought the rod that G-Loomis has a guaranteed, no questions asked warranty. After going online, it looks as though that is not the case. ( another mistake by me )

Will they charge me for an entire new blank? If so, how much? Is it worth it or should I just put a new tip on knowing that I am missing about 4 inches of length between the last two guides?

I thought they replaced rods for a $100 fee, no questions asked and your rod was your warranty. I dod not save the sales reciept. I am so fuming at myself right now.

Thank you for you advise and opinions.
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