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Default I am out.

Etex sucks. I friggin hate the crap, and any other 2 part epoxy for that matter. I do not care if every plug I coat with crab coat soaks up water and explodes after 1 fish, I will never use a 2 part epoxy again. I just lost my entire batch of plug swap plugs, my spinner let me down. The entire batch snapped and fell onto the bench and hours of work is ruined. Like I need this crap. My basement still floods every day, my job sucks, and I can't even keep a promise.
Roc, I will not accept a plug from this swap, I will send all back that are sent to me. I will send you mike's tomorrow.
I contemplated sending my plugs coated with the crab, but I could not allow you guy's to be guinea pigs.
%$^#@ %^$#& &^%)( ^(*4
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