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Default newbie needs help

Hello everyone. Just wanted to run my idea by you guys to see what you think. I am a complete novice when it comes to striper fishing, but I've been reading alot on the internet and have picked my method. I will be using live shad as bait. To keep them alive I think I have decided on the Grayline (20 or 30 gal.) bait tank. I will be fishing them on downrigged lines. Also, if it helps, I'll be fishing lake Tillery in NC.
How do you guys think this will work? And should I troll the bait or just sit still. My fishfinder shows lots of big fish suspended at about 35-50 feet in 65 feet of water. I thought about counting my 4 rods down to 25,35,45, and 50 feet. Any ideas will be appreciated.
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