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Default Re: Bow to the Cow...... Yank to the Skank...

When it comes to chunk.. NEVER assume anything. There havnt been that many times that I've have a smashing "run". I have caught the majority of my chunk stripers on little nibbles. Fish it exactly how you would with a worm for small fish and set the hook right when you feel it. This of course requires J hooks. I leave the bait runner on in case of a run, but flip it off and set the hook for nibbles.

Fishing live, maybe check it periodically if its not moving just to make sure you're still baited. Other than that, I'd leave it be. I run mine on 6/0-7/0 circles and have the baitrunner set just enough to keep the tide from pulling line out. Let it run for a few seconds and click it over.

Bait, idk man. Maybe you're just missing them. I've been out daily where you're fishing and have had no problem at all scapping. I wish there was more constructive that I could say. Just keep at it and make sure you're not spooking them before they get to your scap net.

Feel free to pm me if you have questions. I'm by no means a pro, but I do fairly well. Hope your situation improves. Tight lines!
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