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Default Bow to the Cow...... Yank to the Skank...

I never feel I do it right, even when I land a fish I intend to catch......

When do you respond to the nibbles on your line. You wait for the live liner to run.

When do you reset your presentation when you feel it's lesser fish messing with your bait?

This applies to chunk and live herring.... Let's assume spinning reels with live liner dual drags.... Is it best to not use the live liner on chunk and only use it for live? Also, how sensitive do you set it.

Got tons of nibbles, but not hits past few days. Sometimes it's town apart, sometime the chunk looks unharmed......... I know last night near the pilings, that was probably Small or large mouths....

I have been having trouble with herring past week. So, I have been buying dead bait at the local marina. Would you work the sabiki / stoolie harder? Or, just go out with the lesser of bait?
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