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Default Re: Bugs and Bass 2014

Great Bay tagged striped bass.

My Great Bay fishing buddy Joe caught a tagged striped bass this morning at Fox Point. 30". He kept the fish to show me. He thought the tag information was in its belly because of the amount of algae built up on the outside of the tag. It took a lot of scraping to see the info on the long slender tag outside its belly.

A little internet research said it was tagged by the Hudson River Foundation and the tag said "reward".

No phone number to call you have to download a form and mail it to them with the tag.

Each February they draw names for prizes from $1000 to $100.

Sending Joe our NEHN mojo and hope he is a lucky winner.

That is the first tagged Great Bay striped bass I've ever seen.

Got to enjoy the morning with Sea Hunt. Surprising it is such a small world. We called off a dozen local names and each of us had a story to tell.

I've never caught a lake trout or a salmon. Dick said he could cure that slump.
The August lobster blues are settling into my inland trapping grounds. Ten keepers this check out of fifteen traps.. The water temperature is starting to rise which triggers a mass exodus back to the ocean. It happens every year.

Come Labor Day and after, the bugs will once again crawl back to Great Bay in anticipation of their second shed of the year. I used to trap until November with October being the best month of the year.

But today I'd rather have the traps on dry land by October 1 so I can spend time with my two blondes chasing Ruff and Doodle.
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