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Default Re: The 2x2 Matrix, A Simplified Approach To Choosing Your Arsenal

Hi Piermont4now - sorry for the late reply. I'm still trying to recover from my great computer crash of 2012 LOL.

Defintely proven method. For years, I've been the laughing stock of all my friends because of all the rods I walk / travel around with. The main point is not to get caught up in, or distracted by certain irrelavent conditions, as all conditions are not created equal. Most popular conditions that surf guys talk about are really just subsets of the two main conditions that you do need to be concerned with, that being bait and structure.

I'm fond of saying that "no amount of conditions, be it white water, wind, moon phase, tide stage, clarity, temperature, whatever, will magically create fish." They have to be present, or in the area, in order for these conditions to affect them, and if they are in the area, then they are probably there because bait is there.

So it really comes down to bait and structure in that order. If bait is present, then bass may be present, and if they are, they will use whatever structure is available to their advantage. All the rest of the conditions just affect how the bait and the bass will react, and what you'll need to throw in order to catch them.

As for the light for light night, dark for dark, there is really not much to elaborate on. It's a basic practice that most fishermen follow and it seems to work, or at least not hurt. I've caught many bass, on new moon tides in an inlet, right off the bottom, on white bucktails and rinds. That would seem to fly in the face of this belief. Many guys have caught many fish on yellow darters and bottles during the new moon also.

So this is just a general rule of thumb, not something etched in stone. My personal belief is that presentation is far more important than color, and again, just based on my own experiences. There are rare times when color matters, or specific profiles prove better, but for the most part, if you put a good presentation in front of an actively feeding bass, you're probably going to get hit.

So my main point is to keep it simple. Learn how to fish a handfull of proven profiles (big/small profile, upper/lower water column) and focus on finding bait and fishing the structure, in whatever form it takes.

Thanks again for posting.
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