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Default Birthday bass. A 50 for my 50th?

Thank you Captain Dan for giving me a birthday present that will last a lifetime.

Laid my head to rest with momma at 0330. No matter how hard we tried it is hard not to do the "last" drift.

We started at the beach where the sand meets the rocks. Drifted in 6' of water the whole way to the rocky shallows. No popping , no slashing, no hits. Then we tucked tight behind the pick and up to 6' of water. We did the drop off a few times. I saw one fish, big boil. No bites.

Over to the tagged striper spot. We could have spent the night there. The water was like glass. The splash of the eel could be heard to shore. One fish.

The tide is coming up so we head to the honey hole. The only fish of the first drift was Captain Dan's 27 pounder. A good friend and striper hunter was going by us. Thanks Joe for the picture.

After the photo session we hung back to the buoy till the tide turned then started our exit. In a patch of drift that has been very good to me over the years I landed a 23 pounder. Got her off the hook, took a picture, motored up and returned to the drift.

Just about the fairy wander spot I hooked up with the troller. The line is peeling drag. Dan says big fish that drag is tight. I got to fight her in wide open water.

Sure I wanted a 50 for my 50. Didn't happen. What did happen is I got my 2nd PB striped bass. 46" 39 pounds. She was a real hog. Thick, fat and strong. The lip hook made the fight memorable. The honey hole lived up to her name. She doesn't give up quantities of stripers but the quality can't be beat.

Live long and prosper my finned friend. You added another twenty years to my life.
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