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Default 3 B's and a lot of T's

Great Bay 08-30-09
The first B is for bugs. Checked 25 traps and caught 6 keeper lobster. Lots of shorts today. One trap had 5 lobsters in it. Only one was a keeper. Also saw my first female lobster in about a month. Where they go........the males will follow.

The second B is for bluefish. I caught two tom cod in my lobster traps today. The tide was just turning out as I did the honey hole drift. I get a nice hit, fish runs, I set the hook.........nothing. While reeling in to make sure the circle hook wasn't embedded in the bait and I only see half a fish coming in. Then like a ghost the bluefish comes back for another bite. After a minor tug a war and I end up with a hook and a head. Those boo fish would haunt me the rest of the day.

The third B is for striped bass. After losing my tom cod at Fox Point and with a bucket of eels in the cuddy I pointed the boat south to Great Bay. I got there just in time for the first outgoing drifts. Not to slow, not to fast. And that is where I stayed until a fuel check told me it was time to go home. I left biting bass.

I fished the Bay from approx 11AM to 2 PM. I had non stop action. The first 3 drifts produced 3 bass. Biggest 27". Then the bluefish moved in and I lost a couple eels. And then just like me I hook the biggest fish of the day, it turns south towards Greenland, against the tide, peeling drag and I lost it. :-( I bet I had action on half the drifts I did.

There was another fisherman over to the west. When I landed my last bass he couldn't stand it any longer and came over to do the drift. I knew it was time to leave. I am learning something new in the Bay every time I go. Yesterday I could tell within 20 yards of where the bite was going to be. Two o'clock in the afternoon of a bright sunny day, live eels and I ended up with 7 bass in the boat.

Can you image what is there at night? :shock:

I'll end with the T's. On the way to the boat this morning I saw this brood of wild turkeys.

Somewhere in that grass is about 16 turkeys.

Yesterday was a good day to be a "Bayman".
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