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Default Heat and commitments.

My fathers eightieth birthday party is tomorrow. And yours truly is the cater. There wasn't much time to work the Bay today. My mind was elsewhere. Happy Birthday Dad.

It was so hot today it wasn't fun. The only breeze was when you put the boat in gear. The 25 traps produced 4 fold over last week and I ended up with 8 keepa lobstah. I put them in the car for future use.

No tom cod so bass fishing was out. I am getting enough horseshoe crabs in my traps to support bait in my eel pots. Eel trapping is good. I kept two eels from the trap today for a friend who loves to eat them. Man there are some hogs in the river. Both eels were so big it makes 'em scary.

Due to Tropical Storm Danny's arrival in New England tomorrow and a co-worker who has a taste for lobster I took a ride in the Bay to empty the lobster car. I took a few eels with me. The tide was right to do a couple of my favorite drifts.

As I was baiting up I saw XP600 and bdragon in XP's boat on an intercept course. It is always a pleasure and special time when you meet friends on the water.

We made a plan and both our boats boated bass. Before I knew it the last rays of light were coming from Durham and the west. That left me with a six mile high speed twilight boat ride. I was the last one off the Bay. It was good to see the trestle come into view. That means I had been blessed with another adventure on my "Great Bay".
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