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Default Darmok and Jilad at Tanagra

Darmok and Jilad on the ocean.

"The story behind the phrase is something like what follows: Darmok arrived on an island alone. Jilad also arrived on the island alone. together, they had to fight a beast. They won their battle against the beast and left the island together. The concept expressed was one of strangers, or possibly enemies, confronting a common cause and becoming allies or friends as a result."
By Lara
Featured Rightgrrl November 1998

If you are a Star Trek Next Generation fan you will know these terms. I am reminded of this mythology when I get together with good friends and we try and conquer the sporting world we live in.

Today Darmok, Coalman and Jilad, Roccus got together to try and conquer the food chain.

We started before the sun came up chumming and catching mackerel. Next it was off to the boulders for some balloon bobber fun. The stripers didn't show up for the battle.

We hooked our cannon, the bait well, to the 115 Merc and went looking for trouble. A short boat ride later with our front line offense swimming the sand a bluefish, otherwise known as lobster bait was soon on board. It didn't take Jilad long to add another to the fish box.

The rising sun turned the enemy, the stripers and bluefish, battle weary. Jilad added two linesiders to the boat before the heat sent the troops for shade.

As Jilad's Dad would say, "It was a good day to be alive."

So the mythology is complete. Two soldiers from different backgrounds, Darmok the Great Bay and Jilad the Merrimack River came together on an island of friendship on the open ocean and slayed the enemy.

Thanks Plugmeister.
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