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Default The fall bite has started.

For the first time in a few years I thought I was going to get the skunk.

The first 15 traps in Little Bay produced only short lobsters. Then it was on to Fox Point. It wasn't until trap number 17 that I got my first keeper. I am optimistic. It can only get better. :)

I caught a small tom cod, about 6 inches. After checking traps I took a ride to Adam's Point. Put a number 4 hook through the tom cod's nose and a 25" striper was in the boat on the first drift.

With an outgoing tide and a pail of eels on board I headed back to Fox Point. The first stop was the honey hole. There was no need to go any further. I caught bass all through the falling tide. The fall bite has started. I caught the last fish at noon and it had to be 85 degrees.

Who says eels don't work in the daytime? 35" I need a bigger cooler.
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