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Default The first signs of fall.

08/08/09 The first sign of fall.

Accompanying me today was a lifelong friend. We started with with a quick trip to Dutch Harbor, NH for some much needed lobster bait. After securing the bait and loading the boat it was off to Great Bay.

#1 sign of fall. Man, was it cold on the boat ride out.
#2 sign of fall. The ducks were roosted on the Durham flats by the hundreds.

From experience these are subtle hints of what is to come.

Bugging is poor. 25 traps today, 5 keepa lobsta. The full moon tide was humming. Had to back track on low tide to find stragglers.

No tom cod today for striper fishing. But we did catch two small cunners for bait. What a waste of time. Cunners suck for striper bait. I'm done with that.

The high pressure sure turned off the bass bite. Live eels were laughed at. We didn't see a fish break or any other anglers with fish on. Even though the Bay conditions were perfect. There was a limited breeze and the water was like glass. And NO POGIES!!!!!

The hard shell lobsters are still coming into the Bay. That is a good sign for the September run.

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