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Default US Fish and Wildlife tagged striper

Newburyport, MA has been giving up steady striped bass . But only up to 30-35 pound range. We are looking for bigger fish so last night we went striper hunting.

I was the mate. We motored out the mouth of the Merrimack River . Captain Joe showed me spots along the beach he has taken bass in his life. We had to motor down and pay respect to a special spot of his. He caught a 61 pound striper there. Along with numerous 50 pounders.

We tossed live eels into the surf till midnight. A few swirls early, followed by some breaking bait, followed by the yellow eyed choppers (bluefish) . We stayed out front till the top of the tide.

Our return brought us through Ipswich Bay and the Plum Island River. When we got back to the Newburyport flats we spooked fish driving by in the boat and stopped to fish. A couple casts and a couple teenagers (mid teens in pounds) were on board and released .

I hooked a good fish and played it to the boat. Low and behold a tagged striper. 40".

I can read DERSIZE CUT OFF TAG-RELEASE FISH. (I followed the instructions. )

A co-worker could see the numbers. I called it in to US Fish and Wildlife. They are going to send a certificate and a hat. I am going to have them framed with the tag.

You would wonder why we drove by spots that have been so good to Joe in his life. He has a honey hole. If they are there it is a night of landing 40 pound class fish or better , one after another. The solitude can be deafening. But the crashing waves always reminds you of your position.

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