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Default Bugging is slow but the bass bite is picking up.

I saw 4 wild turkey hens with 8 rooster size poults on the way to the boat this morning. That is not a good average.

Took a co-worker on the lobster line today. 25 traps, only 4 keepa lobster. The good thing is they are hard shell. Lots of shorts. They are coming to molt.

Next shed............your dead. :)

We caught a tommy cod in one trap and saved it till the line was checked. The second rip we tried and Brian was on. The tommy slipped up the line. At least five other bass escorted our catch to the boat. Tommy cod are a secret striper bait. You heard it hear first.

26" Fox Point Striper.

Next we tried a rock weed point with live eels. Brian was on in the first drift. It was kind of a wimpy hook set and the fish broke free. He will have dreams about that fish. It was a nice fish. Next drift we got another 26". The tide topped out and so did the bite.

I heard a couple pogie reports. That got my blood flowing. After a pit stop at home I spent the rest of the day on the Pogie Patrol. They are there. And when I find them, watch out Mr. Bass.

I was at Fox Point near the bottom of the tide. I saw a boat coming from the Bay and he is going over Sunk Ledge. Big hidden rock ledge. I'm saying no, no to myself. He hugs Bickford Island and makes it through.

Not three minutes later here come a 25' with a cuddy. He rounds the green can at the Point and heads straight for Sunk Ledge. Again but much louder my mind is saying NO! NO! and bang he hits the rock.

The engine hits the ledge and comes flying up and stays up. They are dead on the water. Second time in my life I have seen that. I headed off to Oyster River. No way my boat was towing that monster. Plenty of boat traffic out there. He was gone when I got back.

That was a multi thousand dollar mistake.

Red, Right Return. Live by it.

I caught two horseshoe crabs in my lobster trap. Took an eel trap out of dry dock, baited it with the crabs and set it 15 yards off the dock. Checked it today 08/02 and had 12 eels. Three you could have eaten. I let the breeders go. I reset the trap. Ended up with 9 fishable eels in 24 hours. I have two dozen in the car.

And the bass bite is picking up. See you on the water.
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