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Default Re: First GB Keepah 2009

Very nice! Congrat's!

I was in the area this morning around 5:45am.
Had no bait, was throwing plugs.
Went out "front" for some mack, boat wouldn't start, got towed in by Marine Patrol so they could get me out of the way of that LP Tanker coming in.
Gotta get me some bait! lol

Originally Posted by Coalman View Post
It was a GPS morning from the slip on the Squamscott River to Adam's Point. The fog was thick. Thank you Magellan for the yellow brick road.

Roccus the "king of eels" was my mate today. It was my turn to captain for him. We checked 25 traps and ended with 7 nice bugs.

We then spent the next 3 hours throwing bucktails from GS bridge to Fox Point. The sun was bright and the humidity high. Sadly only a few strikes were recorded. The only action we saw were from boats who had live bait.

I know dawn and daybreak are a working man's best chances at bigger bass in GB. I came home, took a power nap then went to Suds and Soda for a dozen eels. The USS Coalman was back at the Point at 1830.

After a trial drift to get wind and tide correct I was ready. The electric motor did nicely holding my angle of attack. This rip has been very, very, good to me be it bugs or bass.

07-18-09 First GB Keepah. 34" Live eel, released.

There were words of encouragement spoken from a home on the shore as I fought the fish. And a round of applause when the fish was in the net. I considered keeping the fish. But I get as much thrill releasing them as catching them.

We saw the red Norton out there today. I introduced Joe to John McCooey. John is 88 years old and still lobstering. We could have stayed moored up for an hour. When John and Joe got talking about stripers and the "old" days I knew my job was to listen. You should have see both their faces light up when they each discovered they both had pictures of 50's at Surfland. John has been a big influence in my Great Bay adventures.

Thanks for the help Joe.

See you on the water.
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